Graduate Program in Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture can be described in many ways -- satisfying the food and income requirements of farmers, providing people with a healthy and affordable diet, protecting environmental quality and human health, and contributing to the vitality of rural and urban communities. If you are already part of the expanding world of sustainable agriculture or are thinking of steering your career toward this exciting, interdisciplinary field, we think our program will serve your needs.

Our interdepartmental program builds on a solid foundation of agricultural science and provides students opportunities to cross traditional disciplinary boundaries. Our program was the first in the U.S. to offer both an MS and PhD in Sustainable Agriculture and is the only graduate program that allows students to pursue a true interdisciplinary curriculum that includes the biological, social, and economic elements of sustainability.

We hope you will consider Iowa State University for your graduate studies in sustainable agriculture.

Matthew O’Neal, Program Chair


Watershed-Scale Simulator Developed by Lisa Schulte-Moore and Robert Valek
STRIPS 10 Year Anniversary
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Valentine Picasso (GPSA alumnus) is Studying Kernza at UW- Madison
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The Sustainable Agriculture Student Association (SASA) works towards promoting sustainable agriculture, consumer education and outreach, and improvement of the current agricultural paradigm. Membership is open to ISU students, faculty, alumni, and spouses/partners. The association maintains affiliations with Food at First, the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, Practical Farmers of Iowa, The Land Institute, and the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation.