Engagement and Communication

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to

  • Design system interventions, actions, and practices that reflect sustainability criteria and an understanding of and appreciation for diverse beliefs, world views, and preconceptions.
  • Design, implement, facilitate, and evaluate education programs and public fora forthe discussion of questions, ideas, research, and issues related to sustainable agriculture.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a variety of communication strategies for reaching a range of individuals, organizations, and coalitions.
  • Apply skills for negotiating the contested terrain of sustainable agriculture and forcommunicating across cultural, political, geographic, and other barriers.

Approved Courses

  • Communication Research Methods (JL MC 502)
  • Communication Technologies and Social Change (JL MC/T SC 574)
  • Ecofeminism (ENV S/W S 320)
  • Entrepreneurship and New Business Creation (MGMT 566)
  • Grant Writing (GR ST 569)
  • Horticulture Enterprise Management - Planting (AGEDS/HORT 465A)
  • Introduction to Learning Theory in Agricultural Education (AGEDS 533)
  • Introduction to Qualitative Research Methodology (RESEV 580)
  • Management Information Systems (MIS 501)
  • Organizational Behavior (MGMT 502)
  • Policy and Program Evaluation (POL S 574)
  • Professional Responsibility in Business and Society (MGMT 503)
  • Program Development and Evaluation in Agricultural and Extension Education (AGEDS 524)
  • Purchasing and Supply Management (SCM 563)
  • Risk Assessment for Food, Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (AGRON/TOX/VDPAM 570)
  • Risk Perception and Communication (JL MC 560)
  • Science Communication (JL MC 547)
  • Strategic Management of Innovation (MGMT 583)
  • Strategies for Community Engagement in Food and Farming Systems (SOC 536)
  • Strategies for Diversified Food and Farming Systems (AGRON/HORT/SUSAG 546)
  • Strategies of Communication (JL MC 510)
  • Strategic Logistics Management (SCM 560)
  • Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (MGMT 603)
  • Strategic Process Analysis and Improvement (SCM 524)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM 501)
  • Sustainable Communities (C R P 584)
  • Technology Transfer and the Role of Agricultural and Extension Education (AGEDS 561)
  • The Study of Environmental Literature (ENGL 543)
  • Topics in Animal Behavior, Welfare (AN S 537)